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Dance Intensive Masterclass

Taught by Hannah Jenkins

Class Description

Step up your game with this Dance Intensive Masterclass: This class will include dance technique for Jazz, tap, hip hop, leaps and turns . The class will begin with exercises which stretch and tone muscles, develop support from proper alignment and exercises which prevent injury to the muscles. Then the students will move to learn about rhythm which is the basis of dancing to the timing of the music. The class will then move into jazz/hip hop techniques which include leaps and turn technique. Students will also learn basic tap technique and how to use their knowledge of rhythm and how important it is in the technique of tap. Students will learn two dance combinations to show off their skills learned during the week. They will learn the combination to each style music and dance form in Hip Hop and Jazz. We will video their performance and share with all students enrolled In the camp. June 24 & 25 10:00am - 4:00pm / Ages 12 and up $150.00 for the session Must have minimum 8 students in the class.

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